Statement Of Work Professional Services Agreement

5.2 Disclosure and use restrictions. (i) may not use the disclosure party`s confidential information for purposes outside the scope of this professional service contract, except for the prior written authorization of the party (ii) to provide or make available to a party who has disclosed the disclosure party`s confidential information; with the exception of those concerned, with the exception of staff, contractors and workers` representatives who have signed an agreement containing information and use conditions that are essentially similar to the provisions set out in it and who have a « need to know » to fulfil the purpose of this professional service agreement and who are at least as restrictive as confidentiality obligations. The receiving party is responsible for any violation of these obligations by its representatives, which is considered an offence by the receiving party. Each party undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the other party`s confidential information in the same way as it protects the confidentiality of its own proprietary and confidential information of the same nature, but under no circumstances should any of the parties exercise sufficient diligence to protect that confidential information. Design/detailsThe SOW category tells the customer, contractor or supplier how to do the work and processes to be followed. It clearly defines the requirements of the buyer, customer or business, whether it is materials, measurements, quality control requirements or something else. This type of SOW is often used in public procurement where contractors must comply with certain rules and is the preferred SOW for manufacturing or construction projects. Execution on the other/fac-simile: This SOW can be executed and delivered in counter-parts by fax or pdf email, each of which represents an original executed and delivered. These counter-parts together form the same instrument. In addition, each party agrees to execute and provide original copies of this Agreement, which were distributed in PDF format by fax or email after the first execution and delivery. 2.1 (company name) will offer xxxx other support services, such as the company and xxx get along later. Acceptance Criteria/Signatures Finally, this section discusses how the client, buyer or entity accepts the results of the project. It is possible to indicate which staff members are entitled to accept it and who will verify and draw the results.

They should provide guidance on the transmission of work and indicate specific criteria for determining « acceptable » work. Delivery dates: You must complete the following services and/or work following or following the following delivery plan: The work declaration must be directly related to the benefits listed in the CDRL form. This is done by reference to the SOW paragraphs that create or use the item, and the SOW text should be clear when discussing a delivery item using the title or sticking the item number (z.B  » [A-001]. A work instruction is a document used in project and contract management. It includes the working agreement between two parties: the client, the buyer or a government agency and the Agency, the seller or the contractor. A SOW usually includes: Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-inspired work management tool with robust collaboration and communication functions, ideal for managing your working papers. With automatic Gantt diagrams and critical path identification, simple folders, warnings and reminders, you can create a central repository where everyone can access the details and requirements of the project in real time.