Amicable Agreement Sample

[if an agreement is part of a set of agreements] In the absence of agreement between the parties on the nature of the dispute, the expert is appointed by the [President of the Institute of Accountants in THE PAYS]. b. by three arbitrators, one of whom is appointed, and the third, who is the president, chosen by the two arbitrators appointed and not agreed upon by the [President of the International Chamber of Commerce]; In the case of a dispute between the owner and the operator (with the exception of a case to be resolved in accordance with paragraph []) concerning the interpretation of a provision of this agreement or compliance with one of the terms of this agreement, these issues or contentious issues, definitive resolution is required: – In the case of a dispute to be referred to arbitration proceedings under that agreement (with the exception of an issue under the clause []), it raises questions that the expert is appointed by the parties or, in the event of a non-decision of the agreement after that appointment, within seven (7) days after one of the parties has informed the other party. , to refer the matter to an expert, to an expert appointed by one of them in accordance with [the International Chamber of Commerce`s Conciliation and Arbitration Regulations]; who has already been referred to the arbitration procedure (mutatis mutandis) in accordance with the provisions of arbitration, then: (perhaps appropriate for technical/financial matters) v. the language of arbitration is English; and the following provisions apply between the contracting parties with respect to all matters, disputes or disputes to be referred to an expert in this agreement: (a) the dispute under this contract is referred to the arbitrators appointed to rule on the dispute in question; the enforcement of this agreement continues during an arbitration proceeding or other dispute resolution mechanism pursuant to the clause [] No payment owed or payable by the owner or operator is withheld due to a pending reference to an arbitration proceeding or other dispute resolution mechanism, unless such payment is the subject of such litigation. (i) [ ] with respect to disputes, mainly of a technical nature; or (ii) [the president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in [COUNTRY]] for all other matters. – one of the counterparties of the project contracts, (b) the arbitrators are entitled to take these powers and arbitral awards in the same way as if the rules of [LOI COURTS] relating to the membership of one or more accused or third parties or the consolidation of measures applied to the parties and arbitrators (b) The expert will settle or settle this matter or dispute in the event that he deems appropriate to his discretion. The expert is invited to rule within thirty (30) days from the end of the case. Any decision of the expert is final and engaging the parties. The parties will endeavour, in good faith, to resolve disputes or claims arising from this agreement or in connection with this agreement, through negotiations between a director of each of the parties, empowered to resolve the dispute in question. If the dispute cannot be settled out of court within fourteen (14) days of the date on which one of the parties was informed in writing of the other dispute, the other provisions of this clause apply []. (c) The costs set out by the expert for the resolution or determination of this case or dispute are borne equally by the parties, unless the expert decides otherwise. Dispute resolution in international trade, investment and intellectual property Course._ This course consists of about 40 modules and examines the fundamental characteristics of the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards under the 1958 New York Convention (`NYC`).